BOOK REVIEW: Love Wanted by John Inman

Trying to summarize this book in one sentence without spoilers is impossible... It's a love triangle meets Fantasy Island and colored by The Ghost and Mrs. Muir... which will all make sense once you've read it. The age of those references isn't by accident. As much as I always enjoy John Inman's writing, it always...


BOOK REVIEW: High Balls (Balls to the Wall #6) by Tara Lain

High Balls - Tara Lain

Most simply, this is an opposites-attract romance between a college lecturer/PhD candidate and a tattooed bartender, at least that's the assumption Theodore makes. I've enjoyed this entire series, and High Balls, while not my favorite, is no different. If you haven't read series, no worries, the story works perfectly fine as a standalone. Both heroes are...

BOOK REVIEW: Coffee Boy by Austin Chant

A fresh from college trans guy falls for his boss who's already crushing on someone else. Cute, low-angst, and own-voices, this story is well-written and everything I'm normally looking for in a romance, but this one fell short for me. On the positive, I was delighted with the representation of...

BOOK REVIEW: Unexpected Christmas by Nell Iris

There's something to be said for saving the best for last. Unexpected Christmas was my unexpected favorite holiday story for the year! It's a precious jewel box of sweet, angst-free Christmas goodness about looking beyond the surface of your own prejudices and ...

BOOK REVIEW: Christmas Miracle (Believe #1) by Shea Balik

This is an opposites-attract romance between an atheist graphic designer and a Unitarian minister over the holidays. Heavy on the feels and light on the angst, Christmas Miracle is full of heart and warmth and the ending will certainly have you believing in the magic of Christmas. I heartily recommend this book. It ticks all the boxes for a holiday romance while moving through the minefield of religion in gay romance. 

BOOK REVIEW: Season’s Meetings by Amy Dunne

3.5 Hearts rounded up. Fluffy and low-angst, Season's Meetings is a sweet Christmas romance between a tough career woman and a spontaneous bakery owner. Catherine and Holly are well-developed, three-dimensional characters with flaws and idiosyncrasies that are as endearing as they are frustrating. If you love holiday schmaltz, which I do, this book is right up your alley.

BOOK REVIEW: Homemade from the Heart by Bru Baker

This is a wonderful holiday read! Flip on the Christmas lights, make some hot chocolate and a plate of cookies before curling up by the fireplace to read this story. You won't regret it. With only 63 pages, it's not meant to be a full HEA romance. It's more like an extended Meet-Cute and an amazing little jewel box of sweet feels and a romantic ending that will definitely generate