BOOK REVIEW: Heart of the Game by Rachel Spangler

22750043[1]Release Date: March 17, 2015

Length: Novel (264 pages)

Genre: Contemporary F/F romance

Cover Art: Design by Sheri

Links: Bold Strokes Books Amazon Goodreads

Blurb:  Sometimes baseball is just a metaphor for life, and sometimes it works the other way around.

All Sarah Duke ever cared about was baseball, and she’s finally earned her shot as a full-time sports writer. She loves the work, she loves being one of the few women to ever gain access to a man’s world, but most of all, she loves the game. When Duke meets Molly Grettano and her two sons at the ballpark, she instantly connects with the young family, but Molly isn’t sure Duke’s ready for something more. Molly wants someone softer, more feminine, and more importantly, someone steady. She and her boys have been abandoned before, and she’s vowed to never to put them in that position again. If she were ever to trust anyone, it would have to be someone fully dedicated to her and her children. Duke has a lot of heart, but neither woman is sure there’s enough room left in it for anything other than baseball.


This was a lovely book. A sweet butch sportswriter Sarah Duke falls for a femme single-mom, Molly and her two boys. The story is as much a love letter to America’s pastime as it is a romance between the two women. Together they try to survive the grind of a long season and the stress of building a life together. Both women make mistakes and they each find a way to grow and become a better partner and a better person. It was real, realistic and romantic. Yes, the baseball metaphors were a little much sometimes, but that’s kinda the point. Baseball is how Duke enters the world, for her everything is seen through that prism. It’s as endearing as it is annoying at times.

I have to take a second to mention how well Molly’s boys were portrayed. They were totally age-appropriate and a lot like kids I know which is rare. They both also added to the story without taking over which are also few and far between. Well done.

My only real problem with the book itself was a lack of an epilogue. The ending was abrupt in a way that took away from the rest of the romance. We needed a glimpse of what happens after the big epiphanies for the story to be truly satisfying. I felt a little cheated out of my happily-ever-after. The book is also exceedingly expensive ($9.99 for the ebook). I definitely wouldn’t have paid that much for a two-year-old book, if I didn’t want it for All-Star Week and that’s a shame because I would have missed out on a really good book. Overall though, I enjoyed this one and I’ll definitely be looking for more by Rachel Spangler, if it’s more reasonably priced.


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