All-Star Week Wrap-up

So, it’s over. My first special event is in the books and seems to have been well received. Seven reviews in seven days was a challenge but workable. I think I’ll plan on doing at least a couple more in the foreseeable future. The next will probably be Ghost Week at the end of October, but that’s still just a guess. I’m also thinking about reviewing F/F Historicals for a week in March during Women’s History Month. If you have ideas for special events you want to see, let me know. I can’t promise it will happen right away, but I really want you folks to keep me on the path here.

In case you missed any, here’s the lineup…

It’s a good group and pretty representative of baseball romances in general. I  wish I could have included another F/F romance, but I still haven’t found another that merited review.

When I started searching for LGBT baseball books, I had a couple favorites I knew I wanted to include and a couple others that had been languishing on my Kindle for a while. Part of the fun for me was poking around Goodreads looking for baseball books that weren’t on my radar. I even had a mental list of books I was hoping to find…

  • A dark, angsty, minor league romance to balance out all the low-angst, fluffy stuff. Nope
  • An F/F baseball/softball book based on an LGBT or Rec league team. Nope
  • A baseball shifter book. Found a few, reviewed one.
  • An umpire book. There is actually an out umpire in the MLB so I figured I’d find one, but nope.

So, if there are any authors reading this… Couldja please get on this list before I decide to do another baseball week? I’d appreciate it.

I also appreciate you all sticking with me and enduring my obsession with our national pastime this week. It was fun, but I gotta go, there’s a Red Sox game on…





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