BOOK REVIEW: The Betas – Rene (Werewolves of Manhattan #9) by A.C. Katt

35647794[1]Release Date: July 21, 2017

Length: Novel (203 pages)

Genre: Paranormal M/M romance

Cover Art: Jared Rackler

Links: MLR Press  Amazon  Goodreads

Blurb: Frankie Ferone moves from the mob to an even more secretive group, the loup garou.

When attending a wedding, Frank Ferone is introduced to Rene DuBois, a violet eyed stranger. Rene has a secret to hide but can’t overlook that he’s met his mate. Rene starts to romance Frankie and soon Frankie falls in love. But how is he going to react when Rene tells Frankie he is loup garou. Werewolves? Really?



In case you haven’t heard, author A.C. Katt passed away in June. This is her final book. As much as this is a review of this particular title, it’s an homage to an author whose work has been a guilty pleasure since I started reading M/M.

3-Hearts rounded up to reflect the author’s entire body of work.

For me, books are like food… some are sumptuous banquets that become treasured memories, some are just sustenance that you won’t remember the next day, others are pure junk food–completely devoid of nutritional value, but occasionally just as necessary as sustenance. These are the books you turn to when you need to escape from life for a few hours and don’t want to read anything that challenges your world view, taxes your intellect, or digs too deep in the feels. I wouldn’t even call them “comfort reads”, they’re too ephemeral for that. A.C. Katt’s books fall squarely into the Junk Food category.

Her stories are over-the-top melodrama served with a heaping helping of humor, and that’s true of this book as well. I will admit this isn’t my favorite of the Werewolves of Manhattan series. There are too many extraneous characters, too many names to remember, and too much pointless distraction from the romance. Some of this was to set-up the Betas series and world-building the differences between Alphas and Betas. If you haven’t read the other eight books in the Werewolves of Manhattan series, you will be a bit lost occasionally. But, it doesn’t really matter because what A.C. Katt always got right was the emotional connection and between her heroes, no matter what craziness she created around them.

Rest in peace, A.C. Katt. You will be remembered fondly by your legion of readers and sorely missed. Maybe now you can make a dent in your to-be-read pile… Her obituary can be found HERE.


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